I am a professional wellbeing guide, trainer, Energy healer and Soul food cook with over 25 years of experience.

To gain my cooking experience I  worked mainly in Netherlands but travelled for experience and managed workshops and cooking in various countries – Switzerland, Austria,  England, France, Tanzania, Czech Republic and Ethiopia. I am passionate about food, believe in local & seasonal products and sustainable approach in life.

From 1998 I was moving in to the Reiki  energy and healing work, that lead to the path of Aikido & Qi Gong. In the meantime still working in the hospitality branch, I managed to spend my free time learning about personal development systems and embodiment practice. Knowing one day I will make the change from the hospitality to the wellbeing sector.

From 2019 I made the change, organizing own seminars, workshops and retreats. And get booked for business coaching events.

My Cooking experience ,skills, and talents I turned in to a soul food approach, and the essence of Cooking and implement this given love of food as a part of who I am

Studies & Training

  • 2022                          Play Fight practice and Somatic movement study and training     
  • 2018    Jun-Okt          Uchi Deshi at Aikido Montreux  By Sensei Patrick Cassidy 7th dan
  • 2017                          1st Dan Aikido certificate approved by Sensei Wilco Vriesman
  • 2017                          Dao heart international Qi Gong teacher training/diploma
  • 2017/2022                 Shamanic wisdom Teachings by Petr Kohl , The Czech Republic.
  • 2014                          Healing Foods  study Qing bai Académie, Amersfoort
  • 2012                          Shiatsu massage Qing Bai Academy, Amersfoort.
  • 2007                          Emotional intelligence self-study by Dr Roy Martina.
  • 2005                          Chi Neng institute level 1 certificate  Qi Gong  
  • 2003                          Enneagram retreat by Willem jan van De Wetering
  • 1998/2001                 Reiki  level 1 & 2
  • 2003- 2024                Regular Aikido ,Qi Gong trainings by master teachers.